2021 National Order of Merit

Canada’s National Men’s Golf Ranking System

(See below for important criteria explaining the calculation of points, eligiblity and other changes related to the Order of Merit)
General Notes:
  1. Eligibility: Players must be a member in good standing with their respective provincial golf association and Golf Canada.
  2. A maximum of ten (10) tournaments from the period from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020 will count for points on the National Order of Merit. A player may play in more than ten (10) events on the tournament listing but only the best ten (10) events will count for points.
  3. Please refer to the Point Grid for the breakdown of points by referring to the starting value of each event and by the number of players in the field. If two or more players tie for a position,other than first, points will be shared. For example, two players tied for 2nd will share 2nd and 3rd place points. If an event has a cut in the field to a number of players less than the number of places on the point grid, points will only be awarded to players in the final standings (Ie; Cut to low 40 & ties - then only those players earn points).
  4. Qualifying points (eg. for USGA Events) will be awarded only to those players that earn a spot in the championship field through a regional qualifying event. Qualifying points will not be awarded to players who receive an exemption (of any kind) into a tournament.
  5. Events will be reviewed weekly following the release of the WAGR rankings. If the WAGR Power Number of an event listed in the schedule above changes, the starting point value will be automatically adjusted up or down by a maximum of 1000 points. Note: This only applies to events with a WAGR Power Number between 100-1000. (eg. If the Porter Cup gains a WAGR Power Number 700 in 2020, we would automatically increase the starting point value from 7000 to 8000 points).
  6. Any other WAGR (World Amateur Golf Ranking) ranked event not outlined in the above schedule with a Power Number value ranging between 100-1000 will be allocated OOM points based on the table at the bottom of the page.
  7. In general, the committee may add / delete events or edit the starting point value in the above tournament listing based on strength and depth of field that may come to their attention throughout the 2020 golf season. Sanctioned events and their relative weighting will be reviewed annually based on the number of participants and strength/depth of field.
  8. Please note that the OOM ranking will be considered final two weeks after the August 31st, 2020 deadline for counting events. Any corrections (regardless of fault) will not be made after September 14th, 2020.
  9. If you notice any duplicate profiles, corrections or omissions that need to be made to your OOM point total, please contact Golf Canada at 1.800.263.0009 x204 or

Previous Event Strength Starting Point Value on OOM Power Number Range
Women Men
Elite 9000 850-1000 900-1000
A 8000 600-849 650-899
B 7000 250-599 350-649
C 6000 150-249 200-349
D 5000 100-149 100-199